Stress is Deadly.

Emotional Mastery Is Possible
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I made this video for Tedx. Learn why 90% of people quit New Year’s Resolutions & how you can Easily Create New Habits in 3 Steps.

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No pressure to become a paying client. In 45 minutes we review how the 3 steps to Easily Create New Habits can positively affect your life.

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Holistic training content from a counselor, coach, yoga teacher & lay ordained monk because lifestyle is what’s most important.

About Jared

From depression, anxiety, loneliness to coach, counselor, lay monk and yoga teacher.

You ever felt alone even though you had friends? Of course you have because you're a human. Because you're a human you've also felt stress.

It's natural to feel stress. Yet our natural responses often keep us stuck in fight or flight. This causes us to constantly feel anxious or depressed, lonely or fatigued.

It doesn't have to be that way. I used to play chess in my room 5 hours each day and smoke weed everyday because I was in emotional pain. Things got so bad I didn't go to college graduation. Instead I became a monk. This transformational journey is why I write today.

I write because I've benefited personally. I write because you have two options: learn the skill of happiness or stay stuck wherever you might be at. I promise there is more happiness. That's why I created those free habit guides and training above. I'm on this journey too. Let's walk it together.

You are not alone. Reach out.

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